new Google Overlays calibrated!

Overlays for the "green" areas! Get the maps (big!) and the .kml google files (in the .zip). Follow this procedure:

1- Place the maps (.jpg) in a folder you like. Can also be a web place (url).
2- Edit the .kml files and put the path/folder you used before. Pay attention to "/", not "\"!
3- Now import (drag & drop to Places) the .kmls to GoogleEarth. I put them in a separate folder named MySat Overlays.

Actual view of the sat images is "Eye at 1.79 km". You may go down to 1 km. Bellow this the quality suffers...


I start with Ioannina (40 maps, 16 Mbytes!). Get the first 4 calibrated (center of the city north/south) and post me some comments!
Eventually i will calibrate all of them...


Patra's center

South Attica (Lavrio/Sounio)