SV1RD - Photo Gallery ;

SV3CK, Potis was the first person who send the Kalamata earthquake message, passed all the traffic for the first 72 hours, using R0 Taygetos mountain repeater, to Athens,
photo by SV3VUEmergency ham station EOC during Kallamata Earthquake, located into municipality van, operator Albert SV1HX, photo by `Taxidromos mag`Stelios SV1OI, using RAAGs demostration station at first seminar for Greek ARES teams, `Epikinonia 89` at Olympic Stadium amphitheater,
photo by SV1RD
From right Bill SV1VN, Stelios SV1OD, George SV1BDS, and another ham. Taking exercise during second seminar for Greek ARES `Epikinonia 91` . Imittos mountain
Note Yaesu portable hf equipment, photo by Ag.PappasFrom left Sotiris SV1BDO, Makis Papadopoulos (seismologist), Tasos SV1RD, Kostas Holevas (enginieer) and Kostas Grivas (geologist) was EPPO team. On returning from ErzincanHam emergency equipment provided mainly by RAAG at Elefsis airport, before on board to Erzincan 14-Mar-1992 from left Sakis SV1EM, Sotiris SV1BDO, Antonis SV1GH, Tasos SV1RD
TA1E Aziz, TA2BU Hussein, TA1CCV Abdulah, using TA9EQ Emergency station at Erzincan central square
photo by SV1BDOTA9EQ Earthquake Emergency Station camp at Ezincan central square, photo by SV1BDOCOSI team and Pierre F6FMX with SV1BDO & SV1RD at Erzincan airport, photo by K. Holevas
One of the first OEA meeting of the Group, Kaisariani, photo by SV1OIOutside Ziria refuge, SV1BDO,SV1CAU, SV1AWW, SV1EM SV1RD, photo by SV1RDOn the way to the top, Ziria, photo by SV1EM
Dionisis SV1ZJ on top Gamila at Pindos Mountainrange, photo by SV1RDForest Fire protection by OEA (Dionisis SV1ZJ),  Ymittos mountain Parnis OEA team inside refuge 1994, photo by SV1RD
Portable/Mobile UHF repeater provided by RAAG, used at North Attiki forest fires 1993, photo by SV1RD!! Raft mobile through Pindos, Boidomatis river. 14/Jul/1990, photo by SV1FJGPS party in Penteli mountain  2000. From left Clockwise Garmin Emap, Garmin GPS 12, Magellan ColoTRAK, Magelan XL
GPS party in Penteli mountain  2000. From left SV1XV, SV1ZJ, SV1VNmy pactorCostas SV1XV at radio officers place, Photo by SV1XV
Costas SV1XV using RACAL radio tranceiver, during millitary tests, Photo by SV1XVCostas SV1XV during 1988 AMSAT-UK Colloquium next to a mock-up of DOVE DO-17 amateur radio microsat, Photo by SV1RDUosats Ground Control antennas, University of Surrey 1988, Photo by SV1RD was the first Greek Amprnet Gate and in 2000 was the first Greek APRS Igate. 
Was located in National Technical University of Athens at Chemical Engineering school  placed at My old Shack 1990My work old place view, 1995. Left, Motorola modems for sdlc lines. Right, 4 racks with old X.25 switches, Foto by P. Nenes
My shack 1997-8My shack 1997-8My shack 1997-8
My shack 1997-8My shack summer 2002My shack summer 2002
My shack summer 2002Firewall, Server, UPS & switches 2006My Pactor PIB Setup 2007
My  setup LAN setup, Big Pict WiFi & PRN srv, Small Pict. 2 switch, UPS, Firewall & SrvrMy V-UHF & APRS setupsv1rd-11 old APRS digi Ant, 3el beaming south
QSL Card