Maps for UI-view (by SV1LL)

Welcome to the map page! In the pages that follow you see my attempts to transfer my GIS maps to the UI-view environment.

The use of UI program has several limitations which i try to address with 1) accuracy and 2) beauty in mind:

  1. Charts must be BITMAP images (GIF, JPG and PNG in newer versions)
  2. Charts has to be ORTHOGONAL and in MERCATOR projection.
  3. Charts must have SUBTLE COLORS so the icons are well presented (you can't affect the brightness of the background image)
Map images are made with several options in mind. Many have a huge amount of details which are of no use to the APRS application.

************ TO BE CONTINUED! *************

Καλωσήρθατε στη σελίδα των χαρτών! Στις σελίδες που ακολουθούν παρουσιάζω τις προσπάθειές μου να μεταφέρω τους χάρτες μου στο περιβάλλον του UI-view.

Αυτό δεν είναι πάντα εύκολο λόγω των περιορισμών που επιβάλλει το πρόγραμμα:

  1. Οι χάρτες πρέπει να είναι ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ (GIF, JPG ή PNG στις νέες εκδόσεις)
  2. Οι χάρτες πρέπει να είναι ΟΡΘΟΓΩΝΙΟΙ και σε ΜΕΡΚΑΤΟΡΙΚΗ προβολή
  3. Οι χάρτες πρέπει να έχουν ΧΑΜΗΛΗ ΦΩΤΕΙΝΟΤΗΤΑ/ΑΝΤΙΘΕΣΗ ωστε να ξεχωρίζουν τα εικονίδια χωρίς να μπερδεύονται με τις άλλες πληροφορίες (αυτό θα λυθεί όταν το πρόγραμμα επιτρέψει τη ρύθμιση της φωτεινότητας της εικόνας του χάρτη)
Οι χάρτες φτιάχνονται με γνώμονα 1) την μεγαλύτερη δυνατή ακρίβεια, 2) την όμορφη/ξεκούραστη εμφάνιση, και 3) το "συμμαζεμένο" μέγεθος. Δεν είναι πάντα εύκολο να συμβιβάσεις αυτά τα τρία!

************ ΣΥΝΕΧΙΖΕΤΑΙ! *************

Charts from for Google Earth! Terrain maps in 1024 x 768 JPGs   2009-01-03 2009.JAN.03

Ioannina Patra

OVERLAYS for Google Earth! Fill in those "green" low resolution areas! Read! (BIG!)

Ιωάννινα γι αρχή, Πάτρα επίσης, για δείτε...

Greece Macedonia Peloponesos Athens

AND series - Political maps at many levels (SMALL!)

Quick loading and simple political maps from AND, for general use.
First level AND400 covers the whole Greece.
Second level AND130 covers Greece with 7 maps.

GE series - Satellite maps from Google! (BIG!)

Εδω το καλό το Google, Λάρισσα, Αργολίδα και Τρίπολη γι αρχή, για δείτε...

Σύντομα θα δημοσιευτούν οδηγίες πως να φτιάξετε εύκολα τους δικούς σας χάρτες!

AC series - Geophysical maps with political details (BIG!)

Geophysical maps from Radio Mobile Deluxe! MapQuest maps have been added to assist with roads, city names and other political details.

AB series - Political maps (copy of AC series, SMALLER)   

Political maps from MapQuest auto acquired with Radio Mobile Deluxe.

Lycabettus Iraklio, Crete North Athens North Athens

BA series - Satellite maps of Greece at 4 levels!

Satellite maps for many greek cities. Since they are actually photos they are in JPG format. A lot of processing has been done to fullfill the above mentioned rules.

AE/AF series - Geophysical/political maps with details (BIG!)

NEW SERIES - Geophysical/political combination map pairs!

Attica Thessaloniki Syros Zante

RM series - will be REPLACED by other series

MB series (OBSOLETE) - Political maps from Mapblast (SMALL!)

Political maps (range <= 5 km) from Mapblast auto acquired with PA7RHMsvr program. For range > 5 km look at AD series from MapQuest.

AN series - Geophysical maps from Anavasi (BIG!)

Geophysical detailed maps from Anavasi. Scanned or converted from CDs.

CA series - Athens detailed CUSTOM maps (SMALL!)

Quick loading OVERLAPPING detail maps of Athens greater area. Great for tracking cars etc!
Can be made to ANY SIZE YOU WANT, order yours. The full set at high analysis will be uploaded for a start...

Athens Zakinthos Attica Greece

AM series - Political maps at 5 levels (SMALL!)

Quick loading and simple political maps with altitude info, for general use.
First level AM1 covers the whole Greece.
Second level AM2 covers Greece with 7 maps.

Agrinio Olympos mtn

AR series - Geophysical maps at 2 levels

Geophysical maps for general use.
Level AR1 covers Greece with 15 maps. Presents altitude (anaglyph) as a 3d information (relief).

Athens Vyronas Athens

New maps - testing

Experimental maps. Please ask for more if you find any series of interest.

Thessaloniki Thessaloniki

Old maps of Thessaloniki - smaller PNG files and corrected INFs

Tittle says all!